What Everyone’s Talking About

Tiffany Roesler

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines.....“Facebook’s First Diversity Report: Just About as Bad as Yahoo’s and Google’s“ Everyone is talking about the problem, ISPOSSIBLE IN TECH is part of the solution. It's important to know these numbers of where we are... I don’t want to not criticize Facebook or any other tech company but seek to help. I believe our role as recruiters is to help our clients solve this problem among other problems aside from just finding "the right cultural fit." One way to overcome the objection that someone is not “the right cultural fit“ is that not the right cultural fit is a good thing because not just like you brings different ideas and different skillsets.
Facebook on Wednesday released its first diversity report, revealing that on the tech side of the business, just like Yahoo, Facebook’s global technical staff is only 15 percent female. Female employees make up 17 percent of Google’s technical staff. In the U.S., whites and Asians comprise 94 percent of Facebook’s tech staff. There’s also a long way to go at the senior levels of the company. Broken down by gender, Facebook’s global senior staff — director level and above — is only 23 percent female. In the U.S., 74 percent of senior positions are held by whites and 19 percent by Asians. Senior staff is just four percent Hispanic and two percent black.
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