How anyone can meditate with a NY Minute

Tiffany Roesler

I think one of the reasons pizza is so popular in NYC is because of how easy is to eat and walk at the same time. There is nothing New Yorkers love more than multitasking. Are you thinking how is that related to meditating? Meditation is mindfulness and can be a clearing of the mind. We need to give our mind commands. I always hear people say the expression “Let it go.“ I haven't heard much else after as far as how....not that I'm one for reading instructions anyway. I mediate everyday on my train ride into work and look forward to it. Almost every day I’m guilty of dinning via Seamless at my desk for lunch. Sometimes my only pauses are to get up and go to the restroom. I find that most people when they go to the restroom spend less than 10 seconds washing their hands. I use the time to meditate in a NY Minute. First I let the water turn warm allowing it to rinse over my hands while I bring anything to mind that I want to wash away...aka “let go“ of. Then I pump in soap wash my hands while thinking of what I want to let go of or start fresh of. This can be something as minor as letting frustration show when you wanted patients... to “I can't believe I did that.“ I find this 30 seconds of physically affirming a reset by commanding my mind in a gently soothing cleanse to clear and start anew several times a day makes me not resent the pause I have to take for Mother Nature. Take a deep breath and an exaggerated exhale while you’re doing this and you are on your way to being a master of the NY Minute Meditation Practice.