A reflection by Tiffany Roesler:

I just finished my 4th ‪Lesbians Who Tech Summit and I can't believe how moved I am. I geeked out listening to Danielle Feinberg, Director of Photography at Pixar, talk about breaking the rules in using Art and Science. My mind was blown listening to Martine Rothblatt, the founder of Sirius XM, talk about her new venture building a companion robot based on the digital file of her wife. Lastly, the mic dropped when Stephenie Landry, General Manager of Amazon Prime, clarified unapologetically to the journalist interviewing her that she did not "support" Amazon and now she has created it! When Megan Smith (the CTO of America), Edie Winsor (Plantiff for DOMA), and Robbie Kapplan (Litigator for Edie) walked out on stage we all came to our feet and cheered with abandon and pride. That clerk from KY has had too much attention for breaking the law. Listening to their segment today, I was reminded of how wrong that clerk is. Today left an impression on me, I'm so grateful they believed and fought for all of us to share in Edie's justice. Watching how, 42 years later, she still lights up when sharing about the day she met her wife in the Hamptons to the serendipitous coincidence of how Robbie Kaplan met Edie's wife years prior These stories gave me chills and I can’t keep them to myself.